Special House Blend - A "Coffee Tornado" home favorite. -Selected, Proprietary and Boutique Flavors

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A medium roast blend of select coffees from Central and South America that is smooth, clean and consistent for a flavorful cup every time. Features a medium body with tasting notes that include nutty, sweet chocolate, mild citrus and a clean bright finish. These blended coffees are both natural/dry processed and wet mill washed/sun dried. These techniques are friendly to the environment, the rain forests and the living creatures of the high elevation mountains where these coffees are grown. 

Every Chef has a "Special" and usually a House Blend Coffee, is only a general blah, blah flavor profile; NOT US.  Our House Blend is a proudful House Of Coffee Tornado blend. Taking the aroma, flavor notes and product selection to a personal level.  This is a well of coffee flavor profiles.

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